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"Sharon Lee Grace sings with heart and soul. She happens to be as beautiful as her voice. I am honored and blessed that she chose "Here's To Life" for her CD. Many people will be uplifted by her heartfelt spirit and energy. Thanks for adding your "Grace" to my lyrics, Sharon. Here's to Life!"

~ Phyllis Molinary

"A Timeless Classic voice!  The live performance cannot be compared."

-  Jim Tedder

"I would like to say I attended The Juilliard School of Music, however I did not. My school of music would begin through the years of listening to the music of the great legendary vocalists and composers of past and present."

~ Sharon Lee Grace

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts on the sixth day of August. I am a Mezzo- Soprano, my range allows for me to venture into many genres of music, such as blues, gospel, jazz, and Opera.

I 'advocate' in helping those in need. My music has allowed me to fund a missionary to Kenya in East Africa /as well as donate to other organizations close to my heart. A portion of the proceeds excluding shipping, will be donated to these needed causes so please 'pay it forward.'

I believe that music is a transforming healing power that began in the 1st Century, even in Biblical scriptures, King Saul called upon David to play his lyre to heal the King’s tormented mind.


Music is forever evolutionary in all ways as sound is forever present in all things, even the natural sounds of the world is a composition all its own. My ears are open to all, yet my favorite instrument to intensive bliss is the violin. “Sad Violin” makes me cry.  


I have learned originality is perfection for it is your personal designed gift, therefore one must be true to their gift or gifts. It has taken me decades to understand my gifts.  My gratefulness of these gifts is immeasurable, as is my humility of gratitude.

My list of admiration of vocalists, composers, lyricists and instrumentalists are many.  Yet, my two favorite vocalists are Ms. Shirley Horn and Ms. Judy Garland, although these women are opposite in tone and phrasing, they are legendary in their personal gifts. 

 What does this all mean? It means never let anyone in life tell you that you cannot pursue your dreams. What matters is that you believe in yourself and continue to follow that guide within you; that inner voice. The world is there for all of us to enjoy our life and passions. May the hidden passions in you step forward to guide you to enjoy your life's happiness.



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